Joining the 10 Club!

I have just finished my 10th Saturday morning Parkrun, officially joining the 10 Club! The Saturday was mild enough to finally wear brightly colored shorts! The turn out was big, and I placed in the top 5! The best part of the morning was the free 10 Club shirt that was waiting in my runner’s account!

Our group photo!



Track club, weekly run down!

This week at track was filled with intense, but satisfying workouts! On Tuesday we did a well rounded mid distance workout in which we completed 2x 800, with a 400 slow jog, 2x 600, with 400 slow jog, and lastly 3x 200- of which I knew I had pushed myself, because afterwords I felt ready to throw up.

I wasn’t able to attend Thursday’s practice, but I am very excited for next weeks practices!