Sunday morning Flapjacks

We don’t often find Flapjacks here in NC, so it’s always nice when my Mum makes them. They are lovely and sweet and kind of healthy with the oats thrown in. Thought I would share the recipe – very quick and easy.

  • 4oz light brown sugar
  • 6oz butter
  • 1 dessertspoon of golden syrup
  • 6oz gluten free quaker oats (the healthy part)

In a saucepan melt the sugar, butter and golden syrup together. Turn off the heat and stir in the oats. Pour the mixture into a 8inch square 1.5inch deep tin.  Cook for 35 – 40 mins at gas 2 or 300°f in the middle of the oven until golden brown. Cool in tin for 10 mins then cut into squares.



Battle of the Blues

I spent a warm, sunny afternoon sitting track side at the William Morris Stadium at Duke watching the Battle of the Blues. I was sat next to Sydnei Murphy’s parents who must have been very proud when Sydnei set a new school record for Duke in the long jump.

Duke Track and Field were up against UNC and Michigan State. I especially enjoyed watching the women’s track events and was very happy when the women’s 400M took first place with a new school record of 52:91 – Go Duke!

Duke women took first place overall with 75 points, Michigan 2nd with 62 points and UNC with 59 points.  Duke men came in second place with 54 points, UNC with 45 points and Michigan men came in first with a mighty 101 points.

A fun afternoon.




Ahoy! I’m off to sea.

Late last summer I applied for a volunteer position for the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. They were looking for volunteers to work on board the sailing boat ‘Silurian’, which sails from the Isle of Mull off the Scottish coast to monitor the whales, dolphins and porpoises in the Outer Hebrides.

Fast forward to October and  I was nominated through a teacher at school for the Governors School program. I knew this was a great opportunity and privilege but spent the remaining part of my day at school thinking about how I would work in my cross country running over the summer and building our team if I was away at Governors School for 5 -6 weeks of the summer, plus I was still holding out to hear from the Hebridean Trust.

When I got home from school that evening I was extremely excited to receive an acceptance email into the teen volunteer program and immediately knew I wanted to have the opportunity to volunteer in the area of marine biology over Governors School.

I will be heading to the Isle of Mull in July. During our 8 days at sea we will conduct monitoring via visual sightings and acoustic surveillance around the Hebridean Islands. As a volunteer I will be living and working onboard the sailing boat for the duration of the volunteer period. With a team of 8-10 other high school students and 2 members of the Whale and Dolphin Trust we will work, cook, clean and monitor the ocean – I am looking forward to the whole experience. This will be my first time at sea!

The Sailing boat Silurian.

One of my main concerns when I applied for the opportunity was ‘what would I eat’! I emailed the coordinator and explained that I had Celiac Disease and they were very helpful and knowledgable about my situation.  They will be able to provide the sailing boat with non gluten food items, and I will be careful during the week when we are in the galley cooking and eating together. I am looking forward to seeing what gluten free goodies the UK has to offer.

I am so looking forward to this once in a lifetime opportunity!

I will be able to share my story in August with you.





Park Run – J’s 50th

It was a very cold morning for a park run. Those of us that turned out to run were well wrapped up and in high spirits.  We all ran a slow pace in the very cold air.  Congratulations to J who ran his 50th park run and his first with his baby daughter.  I am hoping to run my 10th park run in the next couple of weeks and of course will be excited to receive my ’10 runs’ t.shirt.

January Favorites!

Tea and biscuits anyone?

My Mum came home with these very moreish biscuits the other day. My favorites are the Vanilla sandwich cremes as they come in individually wrapped two packs – perfect for my lunch box. We purchased them in our local Harris Teeter, retailing around $3.50 a pack. They are so good that I am needing to ration myself as the other week I went through 4 packets.img_1021

Cross Country!!!

Quick blog post but…

I’m super excited for my cross country teams summer running schedule, it will be great to see my teammates! This year our team is using the App. I am using this app already and its a great way to monitor, share and track your miles.



Color Run 2k16

Look at how colorful our legs are!

last weekend my cross country friends and I ran our 3rd Color the hill in Chapel Hill. We always run this together! The race is a 4k and every hundred meters there are color stations. At these color stations powdered color is thrown and squirted at the runners passing through. There are so many colors thrown on you. Its great fun!

There are heats for different starting times for the race, so you can run when you are ready and as many times as you like! A couple of food trucks were parked up including the GF Kona Ice truck.

I urge those of you who want to try these fun and colorful runs to sign up for one! Remember to wear a white t-shirt to capture the color and old sneakers.



The color is everywhere!

Ramblin’ Rose Race

Before I start this post, I wanted to apologize for not posting in a while as I have had an AP exam last week and I have exams this week 😦

On with the blog post…

image1.JPGLast  Sunday the 15th I ran the first annual Ramblin’ Rose 5K in Raleigh – a race for women empowerment. It was a cold morning with a chilly wind. After putting on layers of clothes and standing indoors out of the weather I was called to come outside by the announcer as it was 15 minutes prior to the race. I took off of my jacket and pants and I warmed up with a quick run around the car park. Soon there was just 5 minutes to the race… and then it was time to go. I started off behind a few competitors with the route lead cyclist just in front of them. After about a mile I was settled into my pace as we entered the wooded loop, I decided to pass my competitors and began leading the race, behind the cyclist. I continued to lead with the guy on the bike chatting to me and telling me how much further we had to go – when I saw my Mum I knew that I was near the finish and that I would take first place. The race was great, I ran a time of 23.02, beating my Angels Among Us time by 38 seconds! I felt good throughout the race and the energy for the cause and positivity from the crowd was so high! A moment that stuck out to me during the race was the turn around point where all the runners ran around a large loop. I could see the other runners who were about to enter the loop. As I was the first to turn around on the loop all the other runners behind me were cheering me on and shouting out ‘you go girl’! I had a great time and cannot wait until next years run where I hope to beat my own record 🙂