A WIN-WIN for DSA at Regionals!!!

Saturday called for blue skies and 60 degree weather- great conditions for racing. The girls 2A Mid-East Regional meet took place on a tough course at Wake-Med Soccer, the course is more commonly known as the ‘Adidas’ course to XC runners and is a grueling 5K starting at a downhill following with rolling hills until the first mile. The second mile contains the infamous 1000m gradual uphill and a slight downhill before going into more gentle hills. The third and final mile concludes with the 1000m hill a second time into the finish.

Up the hill the FIRST time…

The girls team and I were confident that we could capture the regional title despite our loses in the County Invite and our Conference meet title. The virtual meet for our Mideast region on Milesplit predicted our team would come in 2nd to Carrboro. However, before the race we were nervous but prepared, we toed the line excited and with the image of standing together holding the winning plaque in our minds.

My first mile was fast as expected (6:02) but I knew I could hold on. The only thing I admire about the WakeMed course is the silence it bestows when most of the race is back in the woods.

Entering the woods!

The second mile was really tough but I kept my breathing composed and the objective (to win!) in my mind. I ran alone for about 3 miles of the race until my teammate caught up and ran beside me to finish. As I neared the finish I saw a girl not 5 feet in front of me that I knew- if I sprinted really hard – I could pass her. I did pass her in the end and was VERY happy with my finish. I ran a new PR of 20:18 and was exhausted by the finish.

passing ncsm
Sprinting to the finish.


My teammate calculated the girls team scores and had concluded that we had won, and once the girls team discussed how our races went and who was ahead/behind who we also figured out that we should have won. As we sat down for awards we learned we had run new PR’s as the times and places were announced (6 out of the 7 varsity girls ran sub 21!). And sure enough the girls team had won!!! The DSA boys team had also won with one of our boys surprisingly winning the race!

We packed up and headed home with our hardware and a bus full of happy runners and coaches!

Off to States this Saturday!


Girls team #1!
A good day for running!