Not exactly the best first race

The day started out hot and humid ( 89º) already not ideal for the first short watermelon race of the season.

The course we were running was a 3k- not quite 2 miles. None of us had run it before. After completing my pre-race captain duties, our girls team warmed up and stretched out, getting ready for the line.

Then before I knew it the race had begun on the count of “Runners on your mark, set, go!”, we started out fast on a short strip of grass before heading onto a rough large rock narrow pathway, we settled in as we encountered the concrete walking path and could see the iron bridge in the distance which singled the first hill.


I could feel the stiffness in my thighs as I climbed the hill which was pretty steep. As we headed up into the lollipop forest path I tripped on a root and fell, getting right back up quickly not pausing to check my knees, I ran faster to catch up with my running buddy.

During the second part of the short race I dodged pot holes and the mysterious tall grass which was hiding large rocks.  We ran downhill on the second half of the race allowing me to pass a few girls down the hill. We ran back up the hill for the last .25 of the race.


I improved my time by about 20 seconds going back up the hill and looping around. Back across the gravel and heading to the shoot I came in 2nd for my school. I stopped at the finish line and helped my friend who was having an asthma attack and was a little panicked.

What came after the tough race was anything but fun- One of our fastest runners and captain of the boys team had managed to slice his leg on a wooden post that was hidden from his sight, he was in a tight pack during the race. Subsequently we had to have an ambulance arrive at the course and he was taken to E.R.

Great sense of humor!

He needed 12 stitches and will not be running for the next 10 days. I feel for him and hope he has a speedy recovery.


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