Annual Angels Among Us 5k

It was the morning of my annual Angels Among Us 5k and the air was unusually warm, making me excited for a fun 5k. The turn out was huge and there were plenty of blowup kids activities and balloons to go around! After finding our friends I walked and began to line up and hear the sirens of the police for the race. At the line I spoke to many people around me as we all prepared ourselves for the uphill battle. Upon the words- “START” hundreds of people including myself ran through the start line and the race had begun.

The first mile was scenic and rather painless, as I ran up and down the hills along the Sarah P. Gardens and down towards the Duke Chapel. Coming back from the loop around the chapel meant I was halfway home, and began to feel the restriction of the GoPro strap I had wrapped around my chest, limiting my breathing and provoking my asthma.

The last mile and a half, was enjoyable when I forgot the wrath of the GoPro. Reflecting in the last mile made me feel empowered and ready to finish all at once. There is a hill right before the finish line, which I was able to increase my speed on and sprint to the finish, collecting my yellow participation ribbon and a cup of coffee- whew!

Turns out even though I ran the race for enjoyment and not necessarily for time, I still placed second in my age group.  I raised $1,100 this year to support the Duke Brain Tumor Center which I think brings my total over the years to more than $15,000. I really appreciate the generosity of all my supporters, that donate to me annually from all across the world (Shoutout to Moldova)!

Not a bad way to start the day.

At DUKE there is HOPE.

Battle of the Blues

I spent a warm, sunny afternoon sitting track side at the William Morris Stadium at Duke watching the Battle of the Blues. I was sat next to Sydnei Murphy’s parents who must have been very proud when Sydnei set a new school record for Duke in the long jump.

Duke Track and Field were up against UNC and Michigan State. I especially enjoyed watching the women’s track events and was very happy when the women’s 400M took first place with a new school record of 52:91 – Go Duke!

Duke women took first place overall with 75 points, Michigan 2nd with 62 points and UNC with 59 points.  Duke men came in second place with 54 points, UNC with 45 points and Michigan men came in first with a mighty 101 points.

A fun afternoon.