Athletic Fall awards tonight!

Looking forward to my schools Athletic awards program this evening. The cross country team will certainly be heard by the collection of ‘clinking of medals’ that we will be wearing! Great Season.

All County, All Conference, Regionals and NC Elite!  


The unusual late race start of 4pm made my day consist of Mcfarland USA, inspirational videos, and a good breakfast and small lunch.

  • Bacon and Pancakes
  • Kind bar: Pumpkin maple
  • Rice and beef

This state meet was the greatest I had ever run. Not only was it the best weather we had had since 2013, but I ran a big PR. The experience was one I won’t forget.

Have you ever felt exhausted during a race but amazing at the same time?

I felt as if I was flying during the race. Feeling the rapid beating of my heart and my braids against my back, every step I took.

The first mile was fast: a 6:15. One of my fastest during a cross country race, I could see the leading pack and focussed my eyes on them. I began to think I was racing too fast and that I was going to burn out. But I didn’t. The feeling in my legs was weakening and they began to feel more and more tired.


At the two mile point I was running with my team mate who is a senior we both then caught up with our teams number one runner. At that point the girls in front of us were speeding up so I decided to leave my team mates and run with the girls in front of me. I stayed on their shoulders until we got to the last mile marker.

Mile three was the hardest but my favorite, girls around me were getting tired and the roar from my teammates and coaches fueled my fire and I wanted a PR. I began to speed up and pass the girls in front of me. I quickly looked down at my watch and it was at 17 minutes. My mum had told me that If I got to this area of the course it would take me 3 minutes to cross the finish line if I ran fast.


I began to really push myself and speed up.

As I neared the last loop I was aching, and I began to feel very nervous. The rugged sounds of cowbells and screams of spectators made my nerves worse. And right before the final curve (before the finishing 50m straight) I heard the voice of my teammate screaming ‘Come on OG you are almost there, you can do it’, I ran a fast sprint that felt like forever until I finished.

With tears in my eyes I could not believe what I saw 20:37, on a ‘slow course’. I had been stuck in the 21’s for what felt like the last 2 years of my life, and I had made it out!

I crossed the line bringing with me my teammate a second behind me. We were both so happy that we had PR’d at States.

The girls team finished 4th, and the boys, 8th.

It was a great end to the season for me and my team. Next year I really want our team to be on the podium.