The best part about running is the bonds you build with your teammates.

Hello Coach McRae – thank you for allowing me to interview you for my first new blog segment – ‘Running Interviews’.

Tell me a little about yourself, not running related? My name is Coach McRae. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I came to NC to go to College and to get a change in environment, something more slow paced and relaxed. I always loved sports growing up but more importantly I always had the drive to want to help people. That’s what brought me to my major in studying Athletic Training and the simple fact that I loved and had a passion for Track and Field. I didn’t want my Senior Year of College to be the last impact it had on my life. So I decided to Coach the year after I graduated which was the start of my Coaching Career.

When did you first start running? I first started running in 3rd grade with my club team the East New York Impalas.

What is your favorite running workout and your least favorite workout and why? My favorite running workout to do was between a ladder and plyometrics. The ladder is great because to me at least I’m not running the same distance over and over again. It gave a little excitement to the workout by the changing distances. Plyometrics is just awesome because I love everything that has to deal with jumping and increasing vertical. I really don’t have a workout I never enjoyed to a certain extent, I just loved fitness.

Do you do any other sports other than running? I’ve played basketball, tennis, and volleyball.

Do you have a favorite race? I used to love doing the 100m Dash in my younger years but as I grew older the one that always stuck was High Jump.

How do you fuel your body the week before a race? The best way to fuel your body the week before a race is to eat plenty of carbs meaning pasta and rice. But you cannot forget to eat some good protein such as your red meats that are high in iron and of course your vegetables. Other than the food aspect it was always important to make sure you are hydrated very well. Water should be your first best friend, juice should be your second best friend and soda you should try to stay far away from. ha-ha.

Do you have a favorite person to run with? Growing up I always enjoyed running with my best friends and or teammates.

What’s your favorite thing about running? The best part about running is the bonds you build with your teammates. When those teammates become family to you there’s no better feeling than that.

What’s your favorite running distance? My favorite distance to run is a total of 3 miles. There is nothing like running at your own pace and still being able to enjoy the outside environment.

Do you have a favorite running outfit? Or a lucky clothing item? I don’t have a favorite running outfit but I do have a thing for socks. How I picked out what socks were going to be lucky to me was which ever pair of socks I would wear the day and or week I had a good practice I would wear it at a meet and if I did good in them I would wear those socks at every meet until they started to develop holes and such in them.

How do you fit running in with your family? The only kid I have is my lovely dog named Luna. Usually when I go on morning or late night runs she comes with me so that’s our bonding time other than the regular goofy play time we have. Other than that every time I’m back in NY visiting my family I typically run as early as 7am so it doesn’t really bother our bonding time because they are usually still sleeping especially if its a weekend.

Do you have a running bucket list of places or trails you would one day like to run? I actually do not have a running bucket list. To me as long as I’m working out I feel good but I do want to run a Marathon one day.

What does your team mean to you? My team/my athletes as far as Coaching go mean the world to me. From the energy they bring to all the laughs and hard work that’s shared. All the teams I was on growing up left everlasting memories of fun in which I’m trying to let my athletes see. If you trust, believe, and fully support your teammates watch great things happen!

Who inspires you? The person that inspires me the most is my mother. She is the most hard working, strong minded role model I know. She always told me to be the best that I can be and that when I ever find something I am truly happy with doing pursue it to its fullest. She is also the woman that introduced me to ketchup and the original pack of skittles which are the two best items ever made.

Thank you Coach McRae for sharing your running insight and being my first interviewee. I also have a lucky pair of socks that I like to run in!


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