Not a great day.

I ran my slowest time of the season today.  Our team headed out to Southern Vance to run our last Northern Carolina meet before the championships next week. I hadn’t felt great all day long – I was tired.

The race started off at the back of the school in a wooded area, the grass was long and the start line was narrow. The boys went off first and then within 5 mins the girls lined up to follow on behind the boys.

The gun went off and I had my usual fast start, however its seems my main competitors (a group of girls from one school) now know my drill of a fast start. They ran out fast with me and then ran 3 in a row just in front of me. I was very frustrated during the race as I could not get through them and was running in long grass and uneven ground to try and pass them.


My emotions kicked in after two miles of being frustrated which did not help (something I need to work on). My stomach started to hurt and I was getting more and more upset about not being able to get through the 3 girls and having to run around the remaining boys.  The last 400 meters took me through the parking lot of the school and onto the track. As I approached the track entrance the girls in front of me turned the corner and dashed for the finish line at the same time as the football team that had arrived in the parking lot walked across the parking area. Parents yelled at them “runner coming through” so that they would move out of our way.

I came in 2nd for my school and 6th overall.  I know I should have been able to squeeze through the group in front of me – next time elbows will be used.

Not happy!

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