All County @ DA!

It was a warm day, but with a nice breeze, good conditions for running. As our team arrived at the location of our race, a local private school, we placed our bags and numerous running necessities under the shade casted by the tall trees.

We arrived a little late, so the boys headed off to warm up as soon as we arrived. Soon, it was the varsity ladies to warm up, as there were 2 races for each gender: JV and varsity. We ran up and down the schools campus and quickly warmed up.

We rushed back to our bags to find our well worn spikes and socks. The starting line was bright, as there was no shade for the first 300m of the race. Once the gun went off I positioned myself for a good sprint out, to run with the leading pack.

We had run only against one of the other teams this season and so the other 5 teams were a little unknown to us and although I knew roughly what times most of the girls from the other schools would be running, I was a little nervous about a couple of them.

The leading pack confirmed my predictions apart from one girl who was a freshman and would eventually become quite a surprise to all the leading girls.

The course was a little muddy and loops around 3 tough hills which go through the woods at the back of the school campus. As we headed into the woods on the 2nd loop I was positioned 7th and my team mate was ahead of me.  She yelled at me to catch up with her and run as a pack.  I picked up my pace and joined her side.  On the final loop we continued to run together and pull away from the pack behind us.


As my feet touched the track I knew we had only about 200 meters left to go.  I quickly looked across to the finish line and could see the unknown freshman cross the line for first place. I started to lift my knees and sprinted past the hosting teams top girl.  I came in 5th, just behind my team mate who was 4th and our number one runner who grabbed 3rd place.

It was great to get a medal and to finish in the top 5. The best part of the evening was for our girls varsity team to win All County for the second year in a row. Hope to make it a ‘hat trick’ next year!!




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