Adidas XC Challenge

Our cross country team headed over to the Adidas XC Challenge early yesterday morning. Varsity ran in the invitational and JV ran the 11.35 JV White race. Our Varsity team usually competes in the Championship race at 8:35, it was a bummer to have to compete in the mid- morning sun. However, there were benefits to running in the invitational as you will see from the results.

Our team did our usual pre- race warm up by running the outside fields and on the gravel trails outside the meet area. We stretched on the line because we had to check in 20 minutes prior to our actual race time.

After the stretching we returned back to the line, and prepared to start. We were told the usual three command start, and before we knew it the race had started.

The start of the Invitational race!

I had a good sprint start, but I had a group cut in front of me separating me from my teammate who I wanted to run with. I was discouraged by my start and it meant that I had to pick up speed during the 2nd and 3rd miles.

My first mile time was around 6:10, a very fast first mile, to be followed by two other miles and a .1. In the second mile I picked up my pace and passed a few girls. I could still see the teammate I had mentioned I had wanted to run with, but she was quite a bit away from me.The infamous hill the Adidas Cross Country Challenge has, is run on twice during the race and is a very exhausting one at that. The course was very dry and dusty which was causing breathing problems for me.

Climbing the hill on my last mile was very tiring, but I knew the finish was at the top, and I was almost done. My asthma got worse when I ran up the hill and I really needed my inhaler by the finish.

After all my teammates finished we headed back to our tent, where we had heard from our boys team that we might have gotten second (as a team) in the race!

Our award!

Sure enough it was true, and we took pride in holding our award on the podium!

What a great end to a good day of racing!



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