Not your typical Friday night… Friday Night Lights!

Prior to my arrival at the Kernersville course at dusk on Friday night, I was really excited to run. Usually I do get a little bit nervous to race in larger competitions, but today I was buzzing with optimistic energy.

When my team had put up our tent on the lawn, we found the t- shirts tent and immediately got our race t- shirts and XC magnets and stickers, before they sold out. Because my race was much later in the night, (8:30) I had plenty of time to hydrate and fuel myself. The race grounds had so much high energy because of the loud, dance music blaring on the fields intercoms, and the multi- colored lights that shone on the grass.

As it became darker, and the night began to fall, it was time to warm up. While getting ready to race, the nerves that made me stress before races, weren’t there, instead were feelings of excitement and readiness.

During the first mile (6:20, not too fast) I felt tense and jittery. The second and third miles were driven and focused. Finishing up the last woods loop, I felt fast, and I was passing people, making me feel even more confident. My sprint to the finish was perfect.


As we left the course that evening around 9.30 the sky was filled with fireworks!.

This was a great race for my teammates and I, and I’m excited for what next years Friday Night Lights will bring.



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