2nd Meet of the Season

Yesterday our team had its first away meet of the season – we all gathered at the bus around 3.30pm for the hour plus trip out into the countryside of NC. The high school that was hosting the meet uses a local farm as the course. This is one of my favorite courses to run as its super scenic with corn fields, horses and old barns. Not many of my team mates enjoy it because they say there are too many rolling hills.

The boys ran first and our top boy came in second with the others in the top 15. We were running against 3 other teams at this All Conference Meet.

A couple of my team mates had blisters from a previous race and so we knew it would be a close race to win first place. As the girls set off we used the first mile to ease into our regular race pace. The course had a few pot holes and uneven ground and it was an extremely hot late afternoon with no shade to run in.

crosscountry2During the first mile I positioned myself into the first pack as we climbed up the first hill. As the first pack approached the 2 mile marker the course was not marked well and tricky to navigate. Never the less I headed up to the front of the pack and ran with my top teammate and together we passed other runners bringing us close to the lead girl.  As we passed the horses in the paddock we soon approached the final mile where I then overtook my teammate and managed to catch up to the lead runner. I sat on her shoulder pushing her for the final mile until I knew I was close to the finish. I then picked up my speed and kicked in the sprint to win my first high school race!!  I was so excited to be number one and really proud of myself and my team who came in 3rd and 4th.  The final times have not been sent through yet but I think our team came in 2nd overall.




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