Saturday Morning Park Run!

Headed over to the local park run this morning for the 8am start. The 5k route was slightly altered this week due to the tropical storm Harmine that had moved across the Carolinas last night.  Our usual route had flooded in some areas. The start and finish lines were moved and instead of running two loops we ran three – which also meant running the hill a 3rd time.  There was a fun group gathered this morning, a lot of the usual faces and a group of women from Black Girls Run Raleigh that I think were running their first 5k. They were all in such high spirits which made todays race more fun.  I came in 3rd overall, 1st female across the line and finished with a time of 21:57 which is actually the same time I ran it the previous week and a PR on this course. organizes free, weekly, 5k timed runs – they initially started in the UK and can now be found all over the world. The US currently has 6 park venues and we are lucky to have one in our city. Check out their website to see if there is a run close to you.


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