Must see…

When I saw this screen shot of a birthday card (possibly a birthday card, I have no idea what other occasion this would be for), I actually laughed out loud ūüôā

Anyone who is gluten- free or has Celiac disease can definitely agree and relate to this!

Very funny!

Hope this brighten’s your day…!





Harris Teeter… what is going on?

The Gluten free section in my Harris Teeter.

I went into Harris Teeter this morning and noticed the store has moved a lot of products around. Nothing was in its usual place. Gluten free products are now gathered together on their own aisle…! I am so excited for this to be finished, it will allow easy access to all the goodies that are gluten free without having to go up and down each isle in search of the GF shelf labels. Great job Harris Teeter.

Adidas XC Challenge

Our cross country team headed over to the Adidas XC Challenge early yesterday morning. Varsity ran in the invitational and JV ran the 11.35 JV White race. Our Varsity team usually competes in the Championship race at 8:35, it was a bummer to have to compete in the mid- morning sun. However, there were benefits to running in the invitational as you will see from the results.

Our team did our usual pre- race warm up by running the outside fields and on the gravel trails outside the meet area. We stretched on the line because we had to check in 20 minutes prior to our actual race time.

After the stretching we returned back to the line, and prepared to start. We were told the usual three command start, and before we knew it the race had started.

The start of the Invitational race!

I had a good sprint start, but I had a group cut in front of me separating me from my teammate who I wanted to run with. I was discouraged by my start and it meant that I had to pick up speed during the 2nd and 3rd miles.

My first mile time was around 6:10, a very fast first mile, to be followed by two other miles and a .1. In the second mile I picked up my pace and passed a few girls. I could still see the teammate I had mentioned I had wanted to run with, but she was quite a bit away from me.The infamous hill the Adidas Cross Country Challenge has, is run on twice during the race and is a very exhausting one at that. The course was very dry and dusty which was causing breathing problems for me.

Climbing the hill on my last mile was very tiring, but I knew the finish was at the top, and I was almost done. My asthma got worse when I ran up the hill and I really needed my inhaler by the finish.

After all my teammates finished we headed back to our tent, where we had heard from our boys team that we might have gotten second (as a team) in the race!

Our award!

Sure enough it was true, and we took pride in holding our award on the podium!

What a great end to a good day of racing!



Not your typical Friday night… Friday Night Lights!

Prior to my arrival at the Kernersville course at dusk on Friday night, I was really excited to run. Usually I do get a little bit nervous to race in larger competitions, but today I was buzzing with optimistic energy.

When my team had put up our tent on the lawn, we found the t- shirts tent and immediately got our race t- shirts and XC magnets and stickers, before they sold out. Because my race was much later in the night, (8:30) I had plenty of time to hydrate and fuel myself. The race grounds had so much high energy because of the loud, dance music blaring on the fields intercoms, and the multi- colored lights that shone on the grass.

As it became darker, and the night began to fall, it was time to warm up. While getting ready to race, the nerves that made me stress before races, weren’t there, instead were feelings of excitement and readiness.

During the first mile (6:20, not too fast) I felt tense and jittery. The second and third miles were driven and focused. Finishing up the last woods loop, I felt fast, and I was passing people, making me feel even more confident. My sprint to the finish was perfect.


As we left the course that evening around 9.30 the sky was filled with fireworks!.

This was a great race for my teammates and I, and I’m excited for what next years Friday Night Lights will bring.



2nd Meet of the Season

Yesterday our team had its first away meet of the season – we all gathered at the bus around 3.30pm for the hour plus trip out into the countryside of NC. The high school that was hosting the meet uses a local farm as the course. This is one of my favorite courses to run as its super scenic with corn fields, horses and old barns. Not many of my team mates enjoy it because they say there are too many rolling hills.

The boys ran first and our top boy came in second with the others in the top 15. We were running against 3 other teams at this All Conference Meet.

A couple of my team mates had blisters from a previous race and so we knew it would be a close race to win first place. As the girls set off we used the first mile to ease into our regular race pace. The course had a few pot holes and uneven ground and it was an extremely hot late afternoon with no shade to run in.

crosscountry2During the first mile I positioned myself into the first pack as we climbed up the first hill. As the first pack approached the 2 mile marker the course was not marked well and tricky to navigate. Never the less I headed up to the front of the pack and ran with my top teammate and together we passed other runners bringing us close to the lead girl.  As we passed the horses in the paddock we soon approached the final mile where I then overtook my teammate and managed to catch up to the lead runner. I sat on her shoulder pushing her for the final mile until I knew I was close to the finish. I then picked up my speed and kicked in the sprint to win my first high school race!!  I was so excited to be number one and really proud of myself and my team who came in 3rd and 4th.  The final times have not been sent through yet but I think our team came in 2nd overall.




Saturday Morning Park Run!

Headed over to the local park run this morning for the 8am start. The 5k route was slightly altered this week due to the tropical storm Harmine that had moved across the Carolinas last night.  Our usual route had flooded in some areas. The start and finish lines were moved and instead of running two loops we ran three Рwhich also meant running the hill a 3rd time.  There was a fun group gathered this morning, a lot of the usual faces and a group of women from Black Girls Run Raleigh that I think were running their first 5k. They were all in such high spirits which made todays race more fun.  I came in 3rd overall, 1st female across the line and finished with a time of 21:57 which is actually the same time I ran it the previous week and a PR on this course. organizes free, weekly, 5k timed runs Рthey initially started in the UK and can now be found all over the world. The US currently has 6 park venues and we are lucky to have one in our city. Check out their website to see if there is a run close to you.