July Favorites!

Hello guys! I hope you are having a fun summer… on with the favorites!


  1. My first favorite for this month is Trader Joes gluten free white bread.

I love this bread, for those of you that live near a Trader Joes, I would highly recommend going to the store and finding this bread. It tastes just like normal wheat bread, it’s crazy!

Here’s a cool and informative link about Trader Joes gluten free policies: http://www.traderjoes.com/dietary-lists/gluten-free

2. Rice Chex: http://www.chex.com/products/gluten-free-rice-chexIMG_2863

I love this Chex and not only can you eat it at breakfast but you can add it into your regular Chex/Trail mix.

3. Apple Toasters: http://shop.glutino.com/Strawberry-Toaster-Pastries/p/GLT-043011&c=Glutino@ToasterPastries


I have recently started eating these apple toasters and they taste so much like pop- tarts, only healthier! I believe when I went to the store to buy these there was a strawberry choice as well.

4. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE: Cape Cod chips: http://www.capecodchips.com/

I love potato chips and I especially love Kettle Cooked Potato Chips! The best thing about Cape Cod chips is that they come in many different flavors and are gluten free.





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