Celiac at stay away camp…

Last week I attended my much anticipated XC camp in Brevard (up in the NC mountains)! At first similar to the previous year I was anxious and nervous about my food plans for the week because I was away from home and my safe kitchen. Upon arrival I told the main chef in the kitchen my situation (“I can’t eat gluten, an umbrella term for wheat, barley, and rye. I also can’t eat cross contaminated food…”) and all the rest. Brevard was so good about my dietary needs and I was impressed to see they wore gloves as well to prevent the cross contamination.   The chef even made me special meals of sautéed chicken and vegetables, pancakes, and grilled chicken on the odd days when there were limited GF choices for me to eat.

I love running at Brevard and hitting the trails which were always a climb. We ran up and down mountains constantly -the views at the top early in mornings were beautiful to see and a great reward! My favorite run of the week was Guion Farms, across the farm land and up and down rolling hills. I felt, although the week was hard and my muscles hurt everyday, I benefitted greatly from the experience, became much stronger,  and will use it to my advantage in my own cross country season this year.

I had a great week of fun activities, awesome food, built friendships both new and within our team and will be back again next year.

Thanks Brevard.



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