The Duke and UNC tours:

Yesterday I attended the Duke and UNC college tours: UNC in the morning, and Duke in the afternoon.

More than anything, I wanted to share the information I received from the dietitians at the schools.

The dietitian at Duke told me that there are no separate kitchens BUT  there are gluten free options at the eateries on and around campus. She said that if you do attend Duke you must register with the ‘office of disabilities’ for them to address your required needs. Below is the link she sent me that addresses dietary info. for students (


From the UNC dietitian I was told that both the dining halls displayed the food of the day and the top 8 allergens that were found in the meal. She also said that people with separate dietary needs could find meal plans a month in advance and establish what they could or could not eat.


Again, likewise to the Duke dietitian, the UNC dietitian said that they couldn’t guarantee 100% gluten free due to the risk of cross-contamination, but the food would be made by educated chefs and servers to avoid cross contaminating foods. The chefs would use proper techniques, such as using gloves and separate trays. Here is the the link she provided me with when looking for menus in advance (

Overall the tours were great, the buildings were fantastic, and I acquired a lot of new information about both Duke and UNC,  I still am and forever will be a Duke Cameron Crazy fan!




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