Davidson Visit:

I had an exciting visit to Davidson College today!

After talking about applications and financial aid we headed off with our tour guide (Mary, she was very kind, funny, and informative). Mary showed us around some of the historic buildings at Davidson, talked about her own path through college, told us about old Davidson traditions, and where the students ate and slept. She said that 25% of the students at Davidson were athletes, but they still roomed, ate, and socialized with the rest of the campus.


At the end of the tour I asked Mary about her experience in the Davidson kitchens as she had a wheat intolerance. I told her about my struggle with Celiac and she said that the main eating hall was great at preparing, separating gluten and gluten-free foods in their kitchen. One feature that I thought was pretty cool was that GF foods were served on red plates which allowed students to identify which GF foods they could eat.

Mary said that if you emailed the head of kitchen services, as well as the campus nutritionist, you can have gluten free food/meal plans arranged for you! I also spoke to Meredith Allred, who gave the introduction to Davidson on the day and is coincidentally my regional admissions officer, who was also really helpful with relaying information from the head of food services about dietary plans.

All in all, I would highly recommend a visit to Davidson for those of you that are interested in a small liberal arts college, that’s set in a college town, and has great spirit!!



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