When you’re basically allergic to everything!

Today I found out that I am now allergic to more than just gluten. Because of my EoE (eosinophilic esophagitis) I was tested for further allergens that may be causing the symptoms of the esophageal disease.

My tests showed me as being allergic to soy, peanut, and egg. This was extremely irritating and disappointing to find out because I eat a lot of food with those ingredients in them.

I will keep you all posted but I need further research before completely excluding these principles from my diet 😦



Davidson Visit:

I had an exciting visit to Davidson College today!

After talking about applications and financial aid we headed off with our tour guide (Mary, she was very kind, funny, and informative). Mary showed us around some of the historic buildings at Davidson, talked about her own path through college, told us about old Davidson traditions, and where the students ate and slept. She said that 25% of the students at Davidson were athletes, but they still roomed, ate, and socialized with the rest of the campus.


At the end of the tour I asked Mary about her experience in the Davidson kitchens as she had a wheat intolerance. I told her about my struggle with Celiac and she said that the main eating hall was great at preparing, separating gluten and gluten-free foods in their kitchen. One feature that I thought was pretty cool was that GF foods were served on red plates which allowed students to identify which GF foods they could eat.

Mary said that if you emailed the head of kitchen services, as well as the campus nutritionist, you can have gluten free food/meal plans arranged for you! I also spoke to Meredith Allred, who gave the introduction to Davidson on the day and is coincidentally my regional admissions officer, who was also really helpful with relaying information from the head of food services about dietary plans.

All in all, I would highly recommend a visit to Davidson for those of you that are interested in a small liberal arts college, that’s set in a college town, and has great spirit!!



Raleigh Run Down

Hi guys! Friday evening I ran the Sir Walter Miler Raleigh Run Down which is the fastest mile in NC. Basically you run downhill for 1 mile to get your best mile time ever. I though it was going to be so much fun, and it was!

When I arrived I registered before 6:30 and I picked up my registration pack, including a t-shirt, bandana, my number and pins.


The race was a road race, and had a mild decline. We started on a hand drawn line in the middle of the closed road. After a decent warm-up, strides, and dynamic flexes I followed the other women and lined up at the start. The 3 races of the night included a women’s race, a men’s race, and a recreational race.

Once the starting gun went off the race began FAST. I felt as if  I was sprinting the whole time. Before I knew it I was at the last 200 m. I sprinted even harder to finish hard with a time of 5:38. When I finished I felt as if my chest was so tight and sore from the hard breathing. I think I came in 4th for 17 yr olds and under.

In conclusion the race was so much fun and I finished with a 5:38 mile PR – of course need to remember that it was a gentle decline. The fastest woman’s time was 4:29 and fastest male was 3:52.

If you are in the area, I recommend you sign up next year!!!



Pop Up Mile #1

Hey guys so this a quick blog post upon the completion of my first pop up mile.

A pop up mile is one that is announced 2 days prior to the actual race itself. This first one was held at Ravenscroft school. It was a hot and sticky evening. I started the mile with the pack but fell off slightly at the end of lap 2 as the competitors were very fast. I finished up the race with a 6:20, not a PR but a decent time for me. I had not run a mile in a few years so was unsure what time I would get. I went to the pop up with a friend – they got a PR!



Cross Country!!!

Quick blog post but…

I’m super excited for my cross country teams summer running schedule, it will be great to see my teammates! This year our team is using the running2win.com App. I am using this app already and its a great way to monitor, share and track your miles.



Color Run 2k16

Look at how colorful our legs are!

last weekend my cross country friends and I ran our 3rd Color the hill in Chapel Hill. We always run this together! The race is a 4k and every hundred meters there are color stations. At these color stations powdered color is thrown and squirted at the runners passing through. There are so many colors thrown on you. Its great fun!

There are heats for different starting times for the race, so you can run when you are ready and as many times as you like! A couple of food trucks were parked up including the GF Kona Ice truck.

I urge those of you who want to try these fun and colorful runs to sign up for one! Remember to wear a white t-shirt to capture the color and old sneakers.



The color is everywhere!