May Favorites!!

image1Hi guys, sorry that I was not able to post for April’s favorites. I have been so busy with school and exams, but that should clear up as we are heading closer and closer to SUMMER!!! But on with the blog….

  1. Skinny Pop:

I have been eating Skinny Pop non-stop for the past 2 months. You can buy them in so many different flavors (original is my favorite), and the popcorn comes in individual packs or one big bag. I think the packs are especially good for on the go runs or for school.Quick note: This product is not pictured in the Favorites photo.

     2.  Next is the… Annie’s Gluten free mac & cheese:

I have eaten LOT’S of these recently, as they are very tasty and I cannot tell the difference between normal mac N cheese and gluten free mac N cheese. I love the creamy-ness and cheesy-ness of the meal.

     3.  Go Go Squeez’ … my favorites!

Go Go’s are my favorite on the go fruit snacks. These are so easy to take anywhere, especially school!

     4.  Trader Joe’s Tuna Burgers are great!

The burgers are juicy and succulent, perfect between burger buns with other sauces such as tartar sauce (a personal favorite of mine).

     5.  Finally, Utz Salt N Vinegar chips! These are great if you love salty- with a punch potato chips.

These potato chips are very good and I snack on them 24/7!



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