Angel’s Among Us 2016


A few  Saturday’s ago I ran my 13th Angels Among us race. Angels Among Us is the charity that raises money for the Brain Tumor Centre at Duke University that I run every year in memory of a family friend.

The race was great! I ran 23.40, which I was pretty happy with as I haven’t been running much as its the cross country off season. Thank you to all the people who supported and donated – I raised over $1,000 and it means the world to me and the Anna’s Angels team.

The race started off on a chilly morning. I witnessed a lot of people running around for warm ups and the usual long lines for the porta-potties. As the morning music on the intercoms started to play I knew that it was my time to warmup. After the warm up I said hello and gave a quick hug to Sarah Johnson, the founder of Anna’s Angels team and the mum of Anna who I run in memory of. After some motivational words from dad, I went up to the 7.00/8.00 mile time area before the start line. After a heart felt and inspirational speech from a few survivors we were off and onto the first mile. I was a bit cold and thirsty already but I had a great, fast first mile. The second mile was harder but I was getting warmer but my breathing was getting harder. By mile 3 I was on a roll and ready to finish. I sprinted the last hill and crossed the line feeling exhausted. Dad and Sarah checked up on me and I made my way towards the awards ceremony. I won the 13-16 age group!

Thank you again for all of those who have supported me the 13 years that i’ve been pushed/walked/run the race!!



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