Dessert… gluten free of course!

Hey guys here is a blog post about a fancy dessert I ate. This dessert was fantastic and even better it was… you guessed it… gluten free!

The dessert was a pecan sponge at the bottom with a marsh mellow whipped topping and sweet tea jelly on the side!


The dessert was presented with violets and a sugar piece on the side! I hope to go back to the Fairview Inn to eat again. I highly recommend it!

Here is the link to reserving a table, and basic information about the Inn:

You can also check out my instagram pic of this event: @runningwithceliac




May Favorites!!

image1Hi guys, sorry that I was not able to post for April’s favorites. I have been so busy with school and exams, but that should clear up as we are heading closer and closer to SUMMER!!! But on with the blog….

  1. Skinny Pop:

I have been eating Skinny Pop non-stop for the past 2 months. You can buy them in so many different flavors (original is my favorite), and the popcorn comes in individual packs or one big bag. I think the packs are especially good for on the go runs or for school.Quick note: This product is not pictured in the Favorites photo.

     2.  Next is the… Annie’s Gluten free mac & cheese:

I have eaten LOT’S of these recently, as they are very tasty and I cannot tell the difference between normal mac N cheese and gluten free mac N cheese. I love the creamy-ness and cheesy-ness of the meal.

     3.  Go Go Squeez’ … my favorites!

Go Go’s are my favorite on the go fruit snacks. These are so easy to take anywhere, especially school!

     4.  Trader Joe’s Tuna Burgers are great!

The burgers are juicy and succulent, perfect between burger buns with other sauces such as tartar sauce (a personal favorite of mine).

     5.  Finally, Utz Salt N Vinegar chips! These are great if you love salty- with a punch potato chips.

These potato chips are very good and I snack on them 24/7!



Ramblin’ Rose Race

Before I start this post, I wanted to apologize for not posting in a while as I have had an AP exam last week and I have exams this week 😦

On with the blog post…

image1.JPGLast  Sunday the 15th I ran the first annual Ramblin’ Rose 5K in Raleigh – a race for women empowerment. It was a cold morning with a chilly wind. After putting on layers of clothes and standing indoors out of the weather I was called to come outside by the announcer as it was 15 minutes prior to the race. I took off of my jacket and pants and I warmed up with a quick run around the car park. Soon there was just 5 minutes to the race… and then it was time to go. I started off behind a few competitors with the route lead cyclist just in front of them. After about a mile I was settled into my pace as we entered the wooded loop, I decided to pass my competitors and began leading the race, behind the cyclist. I continued to lead with the guy on the bike chatting to me and telling me how much further we had to go – when I saw my Mum I knew that I was near the finish and that I would take first place. The race was great, I ran a time of 23.02, beating my Angels Among Us time by 38 seconds! I felt good throughout the race and the energy for the cause and positivity from the crowd was so high! A moment that stuck out to me during the race was the turn around point where all the runners ran around a large loop. I could see the other runners who were about to enter the loop. As I was the first to turn around on the loop all the other runners behind me were cheering me on and shouting out ‘you go girl’! I had a great time and cannot wait until next years run where I hope to beat my own record 🙂



Angel’s Among Us 2016


A few  Saturday’s ago I ran my 13th Angels Among us race. Angels Among Us is the charity that raises money for the Brain Tumor Centre at Duke University that I run every year in memory of a family friend.

The race was great! I ran 23.40, which I was pretty happy with as I haven’t been running much as its the cross country off season. Thank you to all the people who supported and donated – I raised over $1,000 and it means the world to me and the Anna’s Angels team.

The race started off on a chilly morning. I witnessed a lot of people running around for warm ups and the usual long lines for the porta-potties. As the morning music on the intercoms started to play I knew that it was my time to warmup. After the warm up I said hello and gave a quick hug to Sarah Johnson, the founder of Anna’s Angels team and the mum of Anna who I run in memory of. After some motivational words from dad, I went up to the 7.00/8.00 mile time area before the start line. After a heart felt and inspirational speech from a few survivors we were off and onto the first mile. I was a bit cold and thirsty already but I had a great, fast first mile. The second mile was harder but I was getting warmer but my breathing was getting harder. By mile 3 I was on a roll and ready to finish. I sprinted the last hill and crossed the line feeling exhausted. Dad and Sarah checked up on me and I made my way towards the awards ceremony. I won the 13-16 age group!

Thank you again for all of those who have supported me the 13 years that i’ve been pushed/walked/run the race!!