Track Meet(s) Update:

Over the past 2 weekends I have attended two track meets at UNC. I have also included what I ate pre-race that are gluten-free:

Night Before: Chicken, cheeses, salad, glass of water

Morning: eggs, bacon, and strawberries with a glass of water

Before the race: drank my ‘açai-blueberry-pomegranate’ Vitamin Water, regular water, ‘Lot’s of Everything’ Van’s simply delicious, gluten free crackers:

30 minutes before race: sipped the Water and Vitamin water and ate Gatorade chews

  • The first race of the two was highly competitive because it was a regional challenge meet for high schoolers only. At this meet I ran the 1000m for the first time. I was put in heat 4/6 which means the heat was very fast and competitive. After check- in and being put into our lanes, we waited at the waterfall line for the gun to go off. I could feel my heart in my stomach because of the accumulated doubt that floated through my mind throughout the day, I had previously looked up the other girls times and knew I was out of my league – these girls were running meets every weekend, this was going to be a mighty challenge. Once the race had begun I had already lost track of many girls in my heat. That was hard for me, mentally and physically, as I had not even gotten to the 2 lap halfway mark, (the track was a 200m one). I’m the type of person that cannot go into races with negative thoughts, because I never do well with them in my mind. On the final lap I was about 10 seconds behind the girl in front of me – I crossed the line with a sympathy clap. Long story short I finished the race 14th out of 14th. It was a learning experience, and one that I was upset about. I have never come last in a race and am usually at least a top 4 placer.
  • The next meet at UNC was the weekend after my last place meet. At this particular meet I ran the 800m not the 1000m. The night before the race I had looked up the opponents in my heat and once again the doubt cloud came over me, they were all very good track runners. Going into the race I tried to calm and assure myself that all I needed to do was beat my own time. The meet preparation was like usual, I ate the necessary foods for my run, I drank Vitamin water and just plain H2O, I stretched, and I warmed up. When we were called up to the starting line I was even more nervous. There were four girls, including me they were all taller and more muscular than me. The gun went off with a bang and we were immediately running fast down towards the curve. I let the first and second place go because I was sure they were not in my reach. Near the 2nd lap the 3rd place girl came from behind me and passed me. I tried to stay on her shoulder until we passed the finish line. I finished 1 second behind her in last place…. again. I felt upset about my place but I had improved mentally. I didn’t give up when the faster girls left me and I sprinted to the finish.