Shopwell! A must get App…

Before I get started speaking about this app I wanted to say that I am not sponsored to do this blog post, I really just wanted to talk about the benefits this app has brought me as well as the ease it gives me about detecting my allergens.

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac my Dad found this great mobile app called When you first get the app you want to set up a list of avoidance foods or ingredients. The ingredients that are set up in my “avoid” category are: gluten, wheat, soy, sesame, malt. Plus I have a list of ingredients that I want to minimize in my diet, which includes: added sugar, high sodium, high saturated fat, high cholesterol, and redefined grains. Lastly a list of ingredient which are important to my diet: Protein, Calcium, Iron and fiber. Sometimes after school my friends and I go and grab a coffee or soda. I always like to check the ingredient labels before I am able to buy something, which can sometimes be hard, as ingredients can be disguised with scientific wording or the price tags over part of the ingredients, but this app lets me know what I can and cannot eat right away.

The cool thing about the app is it takes a second to open. I hold my phone camera over the barcode and scan it.

This is the scanning process.

Then a color coded hand appears giving me a product breakdown. If it’s red I know to avoid it. Amber match means its safe for me to eat, however contains some of the ingredients I want to minimize in my diet. The green, happy hand is the best response, stating a perfect match for me to eat and enjoy. You can also search for a product directly if you enter the brand name into the search bar.

I love the fact its so quick, easy and I feel I don’t have to bring attention to my disease by having to ask a sales assistant for help.

Oh and it’s a FREE app.




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