Are these really Gluten free?

Onion Rings:


Here are the fab Onion Rings that are gluten free! Despite having my mum drive around 6 different stores to get all the ingredients for the batter, this recipe is amazing! You honestly would have never had known that these onion rings were gluten free. When you have Celiac, fried food is a food covered in yellow caution tape. You don’t know what is in the oil and cross contamination is a high risk.

These are all the ingredients used to make the batter for the onion rings.

This is the recipe I used from Faithfully Gluten free to make the onion rings:¬† The recipe for making the batter is one I can use for other delicious foods such as sweet and sour chicken, which I’m eating tonight!





One thought on “Are these really Gluten free?

  1. AWESOME!!! A cooking medal to your Mamma for figuring out amazing GF fried onions! It is *such* a treat to get to eat fried GF food!!!


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