Endoscopy! :)

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WOW, today was a busy day as I had my second endoscopy in 6 months! Maybe some of you have experienced one before or are going to, either way I hope my experience is helpful. Just before we get into the story I needed a second endoscopy after blood work showed my IgA levels were still abnormally high (a good indicator of Celiac Disease) after a gluten free diet. I woke up early today to go to Duke hospital for the procedure to be done. Upon arrival I received a cute teddy bear (which, to be honest I was a bit embarrassed to hold, as I am a teen) and, began waiting, waiting, and waiting to be called for pre-op. Once I was called I went to the surgical area where all the medical magic happens. I was put in a room where all endoscopy patients go, and got dressed into a night gown and funny looking socks, which I always laugh about. The nurse I had was charming and made the process of receiving an IV and monitor around my finger a breeze. I am generally fine about needles and this IV was inserted into the middle inner side of my arm quite easily. My nurse numbed the area just enough with an icy liquid.

This is really helpful as it takes the edge off the needle. After consent forms were completed by my parents, I was wheeled off to the procedural room. The anesthesiologist put a liquid for numbing and for sleeping into my IV. Before you know it I was knocked out!!! I sleepily woke up in another room with my parents and drank some sprite provided by the nurse, as she took out my IV, this was just as painless as when the IV went in. Once I was dressed and able to stand alright I was wheeled off in a wheel chair and into my car, we headed home. TADAAA my endoscopy was over! In 7 days time I will receive my biopsy results. I hope this has given you some incite for your future endoscopies, and remember it is never as bad as it sounds! 🙂




One thought on “Endoscopy! :)

  1. Wow, do you have such a positive post!! You are so perceptive to realize that an efficient and kind nurse makes a *world* of difference for your experience.


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