Shopwell! A must get App…

Before I get started speaking about this app I wanted to say that I am not sponsored to do this blog post, I really just wanted to talk about the benefits this app has brought me as well as the ease it gives me about detecting my allergens.

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac my Dad found this great mobile app called When you first get the app you want to set up a list of avoidance foods or ingredients. The ingredients that are set up in my “avoid” category are: gluten, wheat, soy, sesame, malt. Plus I have a list of ingredients that I want to minimize in my diet, which includes: added sugar, high sodium, high saturated fat, high cholesterol, and redefined grains. Lastly a list of ingredient which are important to my diet: Protein, Calcium, Iron and fiber. Sometimes after school my friends and I go and grab a coffee or soda. I always like to check the ingredient labels before I am able to buy something, which can sometimes be hard, as ingredients can be disguised with scientific wording or the price tags over part of the ingredients, but this app lets me know what I can and cannot eat right away.

The cool thing about the app is it takes a second to open. I hold my phone camera over the barcode and scan it.

This is the scanning process.

Then a color coded hand appears giving me a product breakdown. If it’s red I know to avoid it. Amber match means its safe for me to eat, however contains some of the ingredients I want to minimize in my diet. The green, happy hand is the best response, stating a perfect match for me to eat and enjoy. You can also search for a product directly if you enter the brand name into the search bar.

I love the fact its so quick, easy and I feel I don’t have to bring attention to my disease by having to ask a sales assistant for help.

Oh and it’s a FREE app.




First Indoor Track meet!

On Monday I awoke to the delicious smell of bacon, eggs and gluten free muffins. I left my house around 10:30 am to go to Winston- Salem for the JDL Fast Track Youth Meet with my track club. I was nervous because this was my first track meet in over 2 years. I also had

The green and gold indoor track!

never run on an indoor track before. ANOTHER first was that the track was 200 meters long. The events I ran were the 800 and the 4×400. I always have pre-race nerves but yesterdays nerves were the worst, as so much of the event was new to me. When we arrived the space was filled with warm air, nervousness and anticipation. I warmed up with a teammate who was also running the 800. My anxiety increased as I watched the numerous track and field events. The crowd was the loudest I had ever experienced whilst at a track meet! About 30 minutes before my event, I had to check in and have my spikes inspected. Once checked in I waited in an area to do some last minute warm ups and strides. It was finally the moment to leave for the start line.


We waited on the waterfall start for the “RUNNERS ON YOUR MARK… SET… POW!”. We were off. I had a good start and maybe pushed (just a little 😉 ) my way to a good spot. I kept my head straight, eyes forward and ran my legs off. Before I knew it the final lap bell rang, and the girls in front of me separated even further. as much as I tried to keep up with them, I just couldn’t close the gap. I was on the home stretch at last and sprinted to the finish. I finished 3rd and I was proud of that. Posted below are the results, mine is across from the O. The next event was the 4×400 relay with my teammates. We placed 2nd out of 3 teams. It was a great experience to refresh my memory as I hadn’t run the 4×400 in over 2 1/2 years. Overall the meet was great fun and I gained lots of experience from it. We have another indoor event closer to home in a months time, which I am now excited about. Even though this meet was small  I was pleased and proud of my times and that of my teammates. 🙂 Feel free to leave comments below about your favorite moments in track or cross country!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.09.42 PM




Are these really Gluten free?

Onion Rings:


Here are the fab Onion Rings that are gluten free! Despite having my mum drive around 6 different stores to get all the ingredients for the batter, this recipe is amazing! You honestly would have never had known that these onion rings were gluten free. When you have Celiac, fried food is a food covered in yellow caution tape. You don’t know what is in the oil and cross contamination is a high risk.

These are all the ingredients used to make the batter for the onion rings.

This is the recipe I used from Faithfully Gluten free to make the onion rings: The recipe for making the batter is one I can use for other delicious foods such as sweet and sour chicken, which I’m eating tonight!





Saturday morning means DELICIOUS gluten free bread and muffins!

At the Farmers Market grabbing my 3 classic white loaves of gluten free bread. This will last me a couple of weeks of school sandwiches.

Here is the stand, and you can see the gluten free apple muffins and breads.

Can’t say the 4 Apple cinnamon muffins will be here by Sunday though… SO GOOD!!! Love the fact our farmers market has a great gluten free stall. Find them at My Mum isn’t so happy about the $10 a loaf cost though. You expect to pay a higher price when buying gluten free food. Are there any gluten free stalls where you live? Comment below I’d love to hear from you!



Endoscopy! :)

FullSizeRender 2

WOW, today was a busy day as I had my second endoscopy in 6 months! Maybe some of you have experienced one before or are going to, either way I hope my experience is helpful. Just before we get into the story I needed a second endoscopy after blood work showed my IgA levels were still abnormally high (a good indicator of Celiac Disease) after a gluten free diet. I woke up early today to go to Duke hospital for the procedure to be done. Upon arrival I received a cute teddy bear (which, to be honest I was a bit embarrassed to hold, as I am a teen) and, began waiting, waiting, and waiting to be called for pre-op. Once I was called I went to the surgical area where all the medical magic happens. I was put in a room where all endoscopy patients go, and got dressed into a night gown and funny looking socks, which I always laugh about. The nurse I had was charming and made the process of receiving an IV and monitor around my finger a breeze. I am generally fine about needles and this IV was inserted into the middle inner side of my arm quite easily. My nurse numbed the area just enough with an icy liquid.

This is really helpful as it takes the edge off the needle. After consent forms were completed by my parents, I was wheeled off to the procedural room. The anesthesiologist put a liquid for numbing and for sleeping into my IV. Before you know it I was knocked out!!! I sleepily woke up in another room with my parents and drank some sprite provided by the nurse, as she took out my IV, this was just as painless as when the IV went in. Once I was dressed and able to stand alright I was wheeled off in a wheel chair and into my car, we headed home. TADAAA my endoscopy was over! In 7 days time I will receive my biopsy results. I hope this has given you some incite for your future endoscopies, and remember it is never as bad as it sounds! 🙂